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Destiny in creation...

a world to be formed

5/12/10 01:32 am - claytonzjones - Strange happenings...

Adélie was standing in the middle of a shopping mall. It was bright and busy. People passed by leaving snippets of conversation behind them. Suddenly, Adélie was walking and her mother was beside her. They talked about everything and nothing all at once. They were holding bags, sitting on benches, looking through racks, and riding escalators at same time.

They turned a corner into a small arcade that looked more like a candy store. There was only one game kind of game and slightly different versions of it blinked colorfully from every shelf. This strange skee ball and pinball hybrid didn't seem to matter though. She and her mother push through the instant throng of people fighting to play. Adélie walks down a hallway to the bathroom and finds herself walking into a clothing store.

She reaches up to look at some of the clothes and realizes that she is no longer wearing pants. In a hurry to find something to wear she pushes into the back room and finds her backpack. Pulling everything out, Adélie finds a pair of jeans to wear as one of the store's attendants approaches her.

“Hey, we found that here. It's ours.”

“I just want the jeans, you can have the papers.”

Adélie pulled out a some paper that was folded to fit an envelope and handed it to the store clerk. He seemed excited as he snatched up the papers and unfurled them. His brow crinkled and then he seemed to have a revelation. He gathered the other store employees around him. They appeared to have been working together in secret on something.

“This is it!” he said, “We've finally found something that will show us the way.”

“Just looks like a workout schedule to me.” another clerk said

“This shows the laps they're supposed to take.”

“Yeah, and?”

“The lap stops in the middle.”

“I don't get it.”

“Why would someone's work out stop in the middle of the laps?”

“Because that's where their locker was!” the other clerk seemed excited to get it.

The group was tracking someone down now. Adélie followed them as she was now included in their secret. They came to a large courtyard with two irregularly shaped pools in it. Between the two pools they walked into a structure that was falling apart. A man opened a door on the side of the building and tried to stop them from entering, but the clerks were able to explain things so that he went back inside and left them alone to explore.

They found their way through rotting walls and secret subsections to an area that looked like someone was living in it. The room was wide open with several doors that led to other barren rooms. Adélie noticed a section in the middle of the room where the floor had seemed to have been cut or broken open. She looked over this area and found herself sitting in a chair in the middle of it.

She spun to look at all the different stuff here. There were some video games, a few comic books, and some other strange boxes. The clerks had moved into another room and seemed to be arguing about the best way to remove parasites from their bodies with her mother. Adélie turned to a box tucked under some of the intact section of the flooring and pulled it out. After removing a comic book from the top of it she saw that it was full of sour sweet gummy worms. She reached out to grab one and noticed that they were covered in several smaller worm-like leech creatures.

One was on her finger and she pulled at it. It burrowed into her leaving only a glowing trail between the finger that were trying to pinch it out. She kept trying to pull it off until it had dug all the way underneath the skin of her finger. She panicked now, but her mother was looking over her shoulder at her efforts and told her that everything would be fine. Her mother told her that they would go to the doctor's tomorrow and get it all cleared up.

This comforted Adélie for a moment. She looked around the room. She was alone again and now her hands and arms felt funny. She looked down and pieces of her seemed to be turning into the little creatures and dropping off onto the floor. In moments she would be nothing but a pile of these creepy little leeches. The world broke into little pieces as she fell apart.

Everything came back together in front of her. She realized she was falling apart in her brother's chair, that all the little pieces were still her. In the corner of her eye, just before Adélie woke up, her brother cried.

5/9/10 01:35 pm - claytonzjones - A sister's journey...

The night's presence was welcome to Adélie. The shadows made it easy for her cover a lot of ground quickly. She darted from one dark recess to the next with liquid speed. She'd gotten the message that her brother Nott was in trouble and she needed to find out what happened. He'd been brought back to her father's temple and that's where she was headed now.

As Adélie's viscous shadow form flowed through trees and bushes she hoped her father still kept that stash of supplies for her. It slowed her down to try and bring too much stuff with her. She'd been trying to learn basic magic but she always felt the materials were too much crap to keep on hand.

She sped her way up those ridiculous steps to her father's temple and shifted out of her shadow shape. She didn't want to upset her father, he'd always hated when she sneaked into the temple. She stepped into the temple and was surprised by how spacious it was. This place wasn't too much more than a shack just a couple of months ago. Her father wasn't one for showiness, but this was definitely his temple.

As she walked through the corridor a small platter floated over to her. There was a small note on it suggesting that she follow. The tray floated around the corner, and to her surprise up a flight of stairs. The temple had definitely been one story from the outside. She wondered what had happened that her father could have had this done.

The tray led her down a corridor. It stopped in front of the third door in the hallway. There was a small click as the door unlocked and opened for her. The tray settled beside the door and she walked into the room. There was a large bed in the center of the room that looked so much more comfortable than those shitty little mats he used to keep around. She was really tired from using her abilities so much tonight, so she threw herself on the bed and just sort of passed out.

4/24/10 01:03 am - claytonzjones - Larita

Nott crouched on the branch of a large tree. He watched over the small village of Larita doing his best to keep an eye out for any movement in the darkness. He used one hand to keep himself steady while the other was in his bag in case he needed quick access to a charm. He had no idea what he was in for. The Council hadn't given him any info and he hadn't been able to find anything out on his own so he had no idea who it might be that he was looking for.

Well, whoever this was they had at least been able to survive these last 3 years. They must’ve learned to control their abilities, whatever those were. This amount of quiet didn’t quite make sense for an erron. An erron is a magi that uses their power to destroy or terrorize and Nott wouldn’t exactly call this wreaking havoc.

Then the screaming started. It began at the Northeast edge of the settlement and swept across the whole village. What must have been every single person screaming into the night could be heard. These people were screaming with the purest fear that Nott had ever heard but there was no one running around. There was no motion in the village at all actually. The screams must have been coming from inside every house. Nott wondered if the people might be trapped, but there didn't seem to be anyone struggling at a window or with a door.

Nott thought this was going to take a closer examination. He grabbed the charm he wanted and hoped it would work here. It should show the traces of the magic at work and hopefully lead him to the source. The spell crept over the side of his face and settled in. His vision blurred and slowly came back into focus but now there was a haze over everything.

A fog consumed the whole town. It shifted and moved with a hint of shapes and creatures lurking underneath. The screaming was still there, constant and unending. Unfortunately for Nott, the haze didn't seem to originate from anywhere. It floated over Larita as a shadow, dooming it. Nott dropped from the tree and snuck into the dark mist. It didn’t seem to affect him, but he knew that it was definitely doing something to this village.

Nott found a small house with an open window and crept inside. He tried to pick out one of the screams and follow it. He needed to find the cause of this soon. He wasn't sure if or how this could escalate. He slunk through the living room and followed a shrill scream to the back of the house. He stepped into a bedroom and took a sharp breath.

A young woman was clawing at her sheets and pillows. Her eyes were shut tight even as she cut herself with her own nails. As Nott watched, her eyes never opened. Time to take a risk, he thought. He leapt onto the bed and tried to restrain the girl. She was fighting with everything she had and still her eyes stayed closed.

Nott thought he knew what might be happening here. He'd had a friend several years ago that suffered from night terrors and this seemed like an extreme case. He realized it must be what was happening all over town. Nott’s grip slipped and the girl flailed out, he lost his balance and it threw both of them off the bed. Nott crashed into her desk and she fell flat on the floor.

Her eyes opened but the screaming continued. She backed away from Nott staring at him the whole time she crawled to the other corner of the room. Nott could see as she realized that all of the screaming wasn’t her own. Her expression of terror renewed and Nott put up his hands in an open and innocent gesture. He slowly moved over to her and carefully knelt by her side.

leaning in carefully, he spoke into her ear, “Stay here. I’ll take care of this.”

She just nodded her head in acknowledgement and stayed curled up in the corner. Nott made his way outside of the house and prepared to use his only innate talent. He hoped this last ditch effort would work as he made his way to what he guessed was about the center of the village. He took several deep breaths and did his best to focus with all of the terror going on around him. He wanted to end all of this before these people tore themselves apart in their sleep. Nott began some slow deep breathing and then it started. First it was the tattoo from the charm. He felt it suck into his skin and pull down to his core. Then all of the charms in his bag fizzled and followed the first. The air around him stirred and then the magic in the haze began to funnel into him. All of the fear and terror in the fog’s energy drained into him becoming a part of his being.

He was wrong, he couldn’t handle this. The energy just kept coming and coming. Nott wasn't able to stop as it all overwhelmed him. He was the frightened one now and his scream joined the chorus of others around him. The energy filled him and he was lost in it. His senses, his body and his emotions were lost to the magic.

Then Nott lost control.

4/9/10 11:49 pm - claytonzjones - Conversations With Family...

The smell of bitter green tea stirred Nott from sleep. He hadn’t opened his eyes yet, but he was sure that the old man was sitting right there next to Nott’s bed roll. The splash of tea being poured into a small cup confirmed Nott’s suspicions. A second splash and the old man clearing his throat finally had Nott admitting his consciousness. Nott grudgingly rose to a sitting position and took a cup of tea.

“Morning, Dad.”

“Son, what are you doing here?”

“That’s a little complicated. How about some breakfast?”

“Meet me in the kitchen,” The old man rose to his feet and picked up the tea tray, “and don’t go back to sleep.”

Nott stood and stretched, slowly and completely waking himself up. He took a moment to admire the paper walls and simple construction. The Temple had only been here for three years, but it felt like an eternity. As the morning light pushed through the paper with a rose tint, Nott slid open the door to a small closet and grabbed a simple robe. As he slipped out of his travel gear and into the light cloth robe he wondered how much the reconstruction would change this place.

Nott straightened up the room and grabbed his messenger bag. Sliding the door shut behind him, he made his way down the hall the small kitchen and dining area. The smell of bacon greeted him as he sat at the wooden picnic bench where several plates of food had been set out already. He grabbed a couple plates and nabbed some biscuits, bacon and scrambled eggs. Nott started cutting the biscuits in half as his father brought another plate of food to the table.

“I made the pancakes with bacon grease. I know it’s one of your favorites.”

“I’m pretty sure you can stop cooking now.” Nott gestured at all the food before scooping up a bite of eggs.

“Well, it’s not just us, but I doubt the other two will be waking up any time soon. Either way we should probably be a little quiet.”

“Well,” Nott took a breath, “I bumped into one of the Council’s agents in Angora.”

“Yeah?” the old man pulled a pot off the stove and set it on the table.

“They want me to take care of an erron for them. Apparently they’re causing some problems in Larita.” Nott scooped gravy out of the fresh pot and spooned it over the biscuit halves on his plate.

“And what are you getting out of it?” the old man chuckled as he pulled together his own plate of food.

“If it was for me, I would have said no. I’m fairly comfortable at the moment. If I deal with the renegade magi, you get an upgrade.”

“An upgrade? What are they going to do to me?”

“Not you, ass,” Nott laughed, “the Temple.”

“Why would this place need an upgrade? Wait, do you think she’s going to do it?”

“It would only make sense. Imagine what Mom will do to this place. She’d probably make this a pocket dimension inside the normal exterior of the Temple. I’ve been inside some of her early work and with two and a half years of extra practice.” Nott let out a short whistle and took a bite of his bacon.

“Son, you know I can’t tell you yes or no.” the old man sighed but clearly looked excited, “This is some pretty heavy stuff. How do you deal with it?”

“I don’t. I just do something and move on.” Nott stabbed half a biscuit with his fork and stuffed it in his mouth.

“Well, do what you think is best, but you know that if you don’t do something they will find someone who will. Someone who might not handle things the same way you do.”

“Yeah,” Nott pushed some eggs across his plate, “that’s true.”

“I’ll put some water on for the tub. Maybe taking a hot bath will help you make up your mind.”

“Eat up Dad. I’ll heat up my own water.” Nott took the last bite of food and put his plate in the sink. He patted his father’s shoulder and headed for the baths. Nott had already made up his mind. It was a bright day and this evening would begin a dark night. He’d have plenty of time to clean up and prepare some charms.

4/7/10 08:48 pm - claytonzjones - Back to the Temple...

Before heading East, Nott decided to head West. He wanted to consult with his father, see what his thoughts on this offered renovation were. He was probably just going to tell Nott to make up his own mind. Sometimes his monk-like calm and vague wisdom could be very frustrating.

The other thing Nott was thinking about was the possibility of someone passing through the Temple at the moment. Only two kinds of people ended up there, the ones that he brought there and people who weren’t sure what they were doing yet. The thought of having some help to fight this erron wasn’t out of the question. The Council usually has information on their “issues” and the fact that there wasn’t any could mean any number of things. The most likely would be that they had never actually caught him in action, which for the Council to not see something after the fact is rather unsettling.

He traveled on foot. The journey took most of the day. He arrived at the single most daunting set of steps he’d ever seen in person as the last remnants of the sun sat on the horizon. He chuckled under his breath and started up there, one step at a time.


He arrived at the door after all the stars had come out. The night was so beautiful now. No artificial light competing with those in the sky. Nott took a deep breath as he slid the door open. He could smell rice cooking and that meant the old man wanted to talk now rather than later. Nott quietly stepped over to the guest rooms. Sliding the door open, he checked for an occupant. Empty.

Nott snuck into the sleeping pad and pulled the blanket up. The old man would have to wait until tomorrow. Nott simply didn’t have the energy for this conversation right now. Sleep would be just what he needed. He fell asleep safe in his father’s proximity. No keeping a hand on his charms or sleeping with one eye open. Just simple rest.

4/6/10 07:17 pm - claytonzjones - At the smithy.

He stepped inside the smithy. Along the walls were an array of tools and weapons. The quality wasn’t amazing, but it was pretty good for only being established two years ago. He examined a blade on the wall. It was short, sturdy, and built for fighting. It wasn’t pretty, but things that do their job the best usually aren’t.

He slipped a hand into his bag and fingered through his charms for the one he wanted. The silence in the room was the giveaway. He mumbled under his breath and the charm in the bag dispersed into energy and flowed onto his hand leaving a tattoo-like marking on his forearm. Nott’s vision blurred for just a moment and settled back in. He was seeing things differently but it wasn’t incredibly obvious at first. Everything looked the same except that there was an area where something simply wasn’t.

He stared at that space, willing it to be something. It was slowly taking shape but it was still all wrinkles. But that’s what it was, a long flowing cloak with a hood. Nott started towards the cloaked figure and it took a step back.

“Hi.” Nott said.

“You really are good.” The figure pulled back their hood and offered a smile.

“Just more prepared than most.”

“And humble. You know, your skills cou-“

Nott interrupted, “Nice try. Not happening. What’s the real offer here?”

“So, down to business then. Can’t say I’m not disappointed to be the one to bring you over. Anyways, we have this little thing we’d hope you might be interested in handling for us.”

“Wait, what is that sound?”

“Um, nothing?”

“Grunts… straining… you tied up the shopkeeper didn’t you?”
“Yeah, whatever, he’s in the back.”

“Let’s just get this over with.”

“Anyways, there’s this erron, he’s wreaking havoc on a small village east of here. There are some people that would like this village to experience peace and quiet.”

“Right, so what’s in it for me?”

“You mean you don’t just get a kick out of being the good guy and saving people from hardship?”

“When you guys are involved there’s a price.”

“Fine, there’s an offer to expand your father’s temple on the table. Not a small feat either. Turn that little one floor shack into a real piece of property.”

“So deal with your destructive magi and my father gets an upgrade? I hardly see how that benefits me.”

“Since his Temple is the only ‘neutral’ ground it would seem that expanding the usefulness of that would help you in plenty of ways. I’m sure I don’t need to go through the list of reasons I was given to try to convince you.”

“No, no you don’t. Which village is it?”


“I’ll handle it. Just get out of town, the locals aren’t too fond of the Council.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to joi-“

“No. Get out of here or I’ll expose you.”

“Ugh, fine… jerk.” The figure drew their hood and made their way out of the smithy.

4/5/10 10:18 pm - claytonzjones - Another story begins.

Nott sat on the bench outside the small café. He sipped an espresso and watched people wander through town. A man passed by pushing a cart full of burlap sacks. Nott watched the man wheel around the corner to the back of the small café. Another coffee delivery perhaps. Nott set the tiny stone cup on its saucer and leaned back against the wall of the building. He needed to visit his father again, leave a message in the man’s hands. One of the Underguard would be coming through the Temple and they needed to know that one of their key hideouts was, should we say, compromised.
For now though, Nott had a meeting. Claire had said the Council was going to see him here. Claire Voyaunt, what a ridiculous name. The girl was honest at least, and I suppose when you can see your enemy coming from a week away you don’t particularly need to hide what you can do. None the less, the Council would send a lackey here and Claire said Nott should listen to this agent and at least consider his offer.
Nott downed the last of his espresso being careful not to drink the bit of grounds in the bottom of cup. He stood, stretched, and brought his finished cup into the café and left it on the counter. A small envelope sat at the edge of the counter next to where he’d placed his cup Since his name was written across it he slipped the envelope into the pocket of his coat. It was time to meet the Council agent at the smithy. Nott slipped his large messenger bag over his shoulder and went on his way.

3/8/10 02:11 am - claytonzjones - Character Creation

Considering the information you learned in the introductory post at claytonzjones answer these questions about the character you'd like to play. Keep in mind that any information on their past can and probably will be used in the stories and that it could go in a direction you may not have originally intended. Here are the most basic questions to consider when crafting a character for this interactive story.

Name (Before event /After event): /

Approximate Age:

Physical Appearance:

Power Type (Keep it balanced, I'll let you know if I think it could be altered in favor of this):

The extended questions to think about are more along the lines of who your character is. This will be information on their outlook, history, and present situation. Questions that have a * do not need to be answered in your post, but should at least be thought about.

What does your character do now? (Think midieval jobs: tailor, blacksmith, guard, artist, architect, chef, wench, barkeep, etc.)

What did they do before the event?

What do they think of The Council?

*How did the event affect them, their family, their friends?

*What were the first experiences of using their powers like?

*Did any surviving friends and family develop powers? How did they cope with their powers? How did they cope with a lack of powers?

Some things I would like you to keep in mind for when you post. Posts from you character should only affect YOUR character. AKA no typing that someone else takes an action or says something. Also this story could go in a lot of directions don't assume that you know exactly what is going on.

With all that in consideration I'd like to welcome you to Mynothe and I hope that you enjoy your stay.

1/8/07 12:32 pm - claytonzjones - A look into the past...

((Before I resume this community, I would like everyone who is interested in coming back to it to post an excerpt from your characters life before The Change. Something that tells us more about the character.))

1/5/07 08:50 am - claytonzjones - ((Hey bitches...))

((Once my move is all wrapped up... guess what's coming back... *wink wink nudge nudge*))
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