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Destiny in creation...

Strange happenings...

5/12/10 01:32 am - claytonzjones - Strange happenings...

Adélie was standing in the middle of a shopping mall. It was bright and busy. People passed by leaving snippets of conversation behind them. Suddenly, Adélie was walking and her mother was beside her. They talked about everything and nothing all at once. They were holding bags, sitting on benches, looking through racks, and riding escalators at same time.

They turned a corner into a small arcade that looked more like a candy store. There was only one game kind of game and slightly different versions of it blinked colorfully from every shelf. This strange skee ball and pinball hybrid didn't seem to matter though. She and her mother push through the instant throng of people fighting to play. Adélie walks down a hallway to the bathroom and finds herself walking into a clothing store.

She reaches up to look at some of the clothes and realizes that she is no longer wearing pants. In a hurry to find something to wear she pushes into the back room and finds her backpack. Pulling everything out, Adélie finds a pair of jeans to wear as one of the store's attendants approaches her.

“Hey, we found that here. It's ours.”

“I just want the jeans, you can have the papers.”

Adélie pulled out a some paper that was folded to fit an envelope and handed it to the store clerk. He seemed excited as he snatched up the papers and unfurled them. His brow crinkled and then he seemed to have a revelation. He gathered the other store employees around him. They appeared to have been working together in secret on something.

“This is it!” he said, “We've finally found something that will show us the way.”

“Just looks like a workout schedule to me.” another clerk said

“This shows the laps they're supposed to take.”

“Yeah, and?”

“The lap stops in the middle.”

“I don't get it.”

“Why would someone's work out stop in the middle of the laps?”

“Because that's where their locker was!” the other clerk seemed excited to get it.

The group was tracking someone down now. Adélie followed them as she was now included in their secret. They came to a large courtyard with two irregularly shaped pools in it. Between the two pools they walked into a structure that was falling apart. A man opened a door on the side of the building and tried to stop them from entering, but the clerks were able to explain things so that he went back inside and left them alone to explore.

They found their way through rotting walls and secret subsections to an area that looked like someone was living in it. The room was wide open with several doors that led to other barren rooms. Adélie noticed a section in the middle of the room where the floor had seemed to have been cut or broken open. She looked over this area and found herself sitting in a chair in the middle of it.

She spun to look at all the different stuff here. There were some video games, a few comic books, and some other strange boxes. The clerks had moved into another room and seemed to be arguing about the best way to remove parasites from their bodies with her mother. Adélie turned to a box tucked under some of the intact section of the flooring and pulled it out. After removing a comic book from the top of it she saw that it was full of sour sweet gummy worms. She reached out to grab one and noticed that they were covered in several smaller worm-like leech creatures.

One was on her finger and she pulled at it. It burrowed into her leaving only a glowing trail between the finger that were trying to pinch it out. She kept trying to pull it off until it had dug all the way underneath the skin of her finger. She panicked now, but her mother was looking over her shoulder at her efforts and told her that everything would be fine. Her mother told her that they would go to the doctor's tomorrow and get it all cleared up.

This comforted Adélie for a moment. She looked around the room. She was alone again and now her hands and arms felt funny. She looked down and pieces of her seemed to be turning into the little creatures and dropping off onto the floor. In moments she would be nothing but a pile of these creepy little leeches. The world broke into little pieces as she fell apart.

Everything came back together in front of her. She realized she was falling apart in her brother's chair, that all the little pieces were still her. In the corner of her eye, just before Adélie woke up, her brother cried.
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