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Destiny in creation...

Back to the Temple...

4/7/10 08:48 pm - claytonzjones - Back to the Temple...

Before heading East, Nott decided to head West. He wanted to consult with his father, see what his thoughts on this offered renovation were. He was probably just going to tell Nott to make up his own mind. Sometimes his monk-like calm and vague wisdom could be very frustrating.

The other thing Nott was thinking about was the possibility of someone passing through the Temple at the moment. Only two kinds of people ended up there, the ones that he brought there and people who weren’t sure what they were doing yet. The thought of having some help to fight this erron wasn’t out of the question. The Council usually has information on their “issues” and the fact that there wasn’t any could mean any number of things. The most likely would be that they had never actually caught him in action, which for the Council to not see something after the fact is rather unsettling.

He traveled on foot. The journey took most of the day. He arrived at the single most daunting set of steps he’d ever seen in person as the last remnants of the sun sat on the horizon. He chuckled under his breath and started up there, one step at a time.


He arrived at the door after all the stars had come out. The night was so beautiful now. No artificial light competing with those in the sky. Nott took a deep breath as he slid the door open. He could smell rice cooking and that meant the old man wanted to talk now rather than later. Nott quietly stepped over to the guest rooms. Sliding the door open, he checked for an occupant. Empty.

Nott snuck into the sleeping pad and pulled the blanket up. The old man would have to wait until tomorrow. Nott simply didn’t have the energy for this conversation right now. Sleep would be just what he needed. He fell asleep safe in his father’s proximity. No keeping a hand on his charms or sleeping with one eye open. Just simple rest.
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