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Destiny in creation...

a world to be formed

10/27/06 02:30 pm - theredlion - ((Reminder that we're back in session))

((I also wanted to ask if there's any input you guys might have on how it's going, where you would like it to go. If you have any questions, please ask them. You guys can also correspond with me outside of this journal via e-mail, YIM, or AIM to discuss your character as well. Just please let me know in advance.))

9/22/06 02:22 pm - theredlion - The Night Goes On...

In the kitchen CJ quietly continued to read his book, still nibbling at some food remaining from the amazing spread from earlier. His face mostly a scowl, different from the pleasant smile that he normally wore. Dar'kahj seemed to remain rather quiet. Further away in the training room Lorna and Stev began to spar while a tall stranger looked on.

The stars twinkled in the sky, amazingly visible in this world that lacked the artificial light that normally kept their beauty at bay. Corax seemed to bask in it, breathing it in and letting it relax her. Nott seemed to be no where to be found, maybe CJ's strange actions had something to do with him. The group seemed to move on just fine without him.

9/18/06 04:07 pm - theredlion - Dinner Is Served ((Closed))

The smells of the food were amazing. You could almost taste the food by looking at it. CJ left the book alone on the table title up. It read "The Adventure" on the cover. he snatched up a plate and began filling it with cuts of meat and pasta, even taking some chinese food as well. There were many kinds of regional foods spread around. Mexican, Thai, Italian, it was all there waiting to be eaten. "Remember, don't be bashful, this stuff won't fill you up like normal food. Make sure you eat a lot."

9/18/06 12:50 pm - theredlion - ((I had to say it))

((This last entry, you guys are totally rockin' my socks... it's great! This is what I made this community for... times like these. Rich character development and quirks. *sexxors the mynothe*))

9/14/06 12:05 pm - theredlion - Changes ((Closed))

As the light dissipated and everything came into focus Nott bent his head down, coughed, and a small splatter of blood was left on the ground. "I'm going to go rest, Dar'kahj and Lorna find CJ and he'll show Stev and Black about the place. I'm sure dinner's not too far off." Nott pulled his bag away from Black and slowly slinked inside.

9/13/06 09:43 am - theredlion - Recouperation ((Closed))

"Black if you could please get out the teleportation charm." Nott still sounding gruff, and yet there was a hint of anticipation, "If everyone could please gather. I'm going to take us back to the temple. It's closer to where we're to meet Iphion and we can all get some rest."

Nott stood in the middle of the clearing. His feline face somehow showed a disapproving look.

9/6/06 09:36 am - theredlion - Something Special ((Closed))

"I have something to offer each of you," Nott's tone still gruff, "but I will not pass it along unless you want it. So, just tell me. Do you want it?" The lion's gaze passed among the others and he lay down tail lazily brushing the dirt waiting for an answer.

8/26/06 11:23 am - theredlion - Who is that? ((Closed))

Nott lay slumbering peacefully in his changed form the Sympathy Stone locked in his jaws. Whatever he had done had 'caused Vic's body to move again. There was no more magic in the air, but how would the group react?

8/17/06 09:37 am - theredlion - Past To Present ((Closed))

Nott slowly awoke from his recent collapse. He couldn't quite see his surroundings yet. He remembered Lorna and Moue opposite Vic and Dar'kahj. He didn't know what had happened or even if anyone had survived. He just knew that he was awake and that the Sympathy Stone was so close that it practically rang in his ears. He tried sorting out his senses and looking for his companions.

8/8/06 07:59 am - theredlion - A Final Plan ((Closed))

Nott couldn't hide the anger in his voice,"We don't have the time to waste. We need to move. Once we get moving I can tell you what I've got in my head right now. But, if you want to sit here and wait for me to hash out a couple little details then we'll be too late and may not make it to our destination on time. If you want to give the council an excuse to delay giving you what they've promised then I'll more than welcome sitting around here quibbling over these stupid details! Let's get a move on!" Nott's anger seemed to extend his senses. He could sense the Sympathy Stone much more clearly.

((Now's the time for irrational and overblown emotions folks, let it run for a few comments before breaking it, please))
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