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Destiny in creation...

a world to be formed

In the realm of Mynothe anything can happen.
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By joining this community, you're stepping into the world of Mynothe. It's a world similar to earth where, following a cataclysmic event, people who believed in themselves have been transformed into their self image.

Keep in mind that this world is based on people that used to be everyday human beings like you and me. A massive self restructuring of the Earth has caused it to shift back to a medieval-type setting. The Earth will fight back against anyone who tries to create something high tech, so there is no sci-fi aspect to this RP. Exceptions might be made depending on how it affects the story.

To promote an uninterrupted RP atmosphere I have set the community to require membership approval as well as having set it to allow only members to post.

Once a post requires comments to be screened and recieves a "((Closed))" notation in the title it is no longer accepting new posts, this means that the next event of the story is being added and will be available for posts shortly.

Also, as this community is inspriation for a book or books in progress, I claytonzjones retain the right to use any of the characters submitted to the group in such a work. While you retain the right to use such characters yourself, you may not use the universe within which these characters are contained. Mynothe, it's concepts and creations are the express intellectual property of claytonzjones and Clayton Jones.