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Destiny in creation...


4/24/10 01:03 am - claytonzjones - Larita

Nott crouched on the branch of a large tree. He watched over the small village of Larita doing his best to keep an eye out for any movement in the darkness. He used one hand to keep himself steady while the other was in his bag in case he needed quick access to a charm. He had no idea what he was in for. The Council hadn't given him any info and he hadn't been able to find anything out on his own so he had no idea who it might be that he was looking for.

Well, whoever this was they had at least been able to survive these last 3 years. They must’ve learned to control their abilities, whatever those were. This amount of quiet didn’t quite make sense for an erron. An erron is a magi that uses their power to destroy or terrorize and Nott wouldn’t exactly call this wreaking havoc.

Then the screaming started. It began at the Northeast edge of the settlement and swept across the whole village. What must have been every single person screaming into the night could be heard. These people were screaming with the purest fear that Nott had ever heard but there was no one running around. There was no motion in the village at all actually. The screams must have been coming from inside every house. Nott wondered if the people might be trapped, but there didn't seem to be anyone struggling at a window or with a door.

Nott thought this was going to take a closer examination. He grabbed the charm he wanted and hoped it would work here. It should show the traces of the magic at work and hopefully lead him to the source. The spell crept over the side of his face and settled in. His vision blurred and slowly came back into focus but now there was a haze over everything.

A fog consumed the whole town. It shifted and moved with a hint of shapes and creatures lurking underneath. The screaming was still there, constant and unending. Unfortunately for Nott, the haze didn't seem to originate from anywhere. It floated over Larita as a shadow, dooming it. Nott dropped from the tree and snuck into the dark mist. It didn’t seem to affect him, but he knew that it was definitely doing something to this village.

Nott found a small house with an open window and crept inside. He tried to pick out one of the screams and follow it. He needed to find the cause of this soon. He wasn't sure if or how this could escalate. He slunk through the living room and followed a shrill scream to the back of the house. He stepped into a bedroom and took a sharp breath.

A young woman was clawing at her sheets and pillows. Her eyes were shut tight even as she cut herself with her own nails. As Nott watched, her eyes never opened. Time to take a risk, he thought. He leapt onto the bed and tried to restrain the girl. She was fighting with everything she had and still her eyes stayed closed.

Nott thought he knew what might be happening here. He'd had a friend several years ago that suffered from night terrors and this seemed like an extreme case. He realized it must be what was happening all over town. Nott’s grip slipped and the girl flailed out, he lost his balance and it threw both of them off the bed. Nott crashed into her desk and she fell flat on the floor.

Her eyes opened but the screaming continued. She backed away from Nott staring at him the whole time she crawled to the other corner of the room. Nott could see as she realized that all of the screaming wasn’t her own. Her expression of terror renewed and Nott put up his hands in an open and innocent gesture. He slowly moved over to her and carefully knelt by her side.

leaning in carefully, he spoke into her ear, “Stay here. I’ll take care of this.”

She just nodded her head in acknowledgement and stayed curled up in the corner. Nott made his way outside of the house and prepared to use his only innate talent. He hoped this last ditch effort would work as he made his way to what he guessed was about the center of the village. He took several deep breaths and did his best to focus with all of the terror going on around him. He wanted to end all of this before these people tore themselves apart in their sleep. Nott began some slow deep breathing and then it started. First it was the tattoo from the charm. He felt it suck into his skin and pull down to his core. Then all of the charms in his bag fizzled and followed the first. The air around him stirred and then the magic in the haze began to funnel into him. All of the fear and terror in the fog’s energy drained into him becoming a part of his being.

He was wrong, he couldn’t handle this. The energy just kept coming and coming. Nott wasn't able to stop as it all overwhelmed him. He was the frightened one now and his scream joined the chorus of others around him. The energy filled him and he was lost in it. His senses, his body and his emotions were lost to the magic.

Then Nott lost control.
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