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Destiny in creation...

A sister's journey...

5/9/10 01:35 pm - claytonzjones - A sister's journey...

The night's presence was welcome to Adélie. The shadows made it easy for her cover a lot of ground quickly. She darted from one dark recess to the next with liquid speed. She'd gotten the message that her brother Nott was in trouble and she needed to find out what happened. He'd been brought back to her father's temple and that's where she was headed now.

As Adélie's viscous shadow form flowed through trees and bushes she hoped her father still kept that stash of supplies for her. It slowed her down to try and bring too much stuff with her. She'd been trying to learn basic magic but she always felt the materials were too much crap to keep on hand.

She sped her way up those ridiculous steps to her father's temple and shifted out of her shadow shape. She didn't want to upset her father, he'd always hated when she sneaked into the temple. She stepped into the temple and was surprised by how spacious it was. This place wasn't too much more than a shack just a couple of months ago. Her father wasn't one for showiness, but this was definitely his temple.

As she walked through the corridor a small platter floated over to her. There was a small note on it suggesting that she follow. The tray floated around the corner, and to her surprise up a flight of stairs. The temple had definitely been one story from the outside. She wondered what had happened that her father could have had this done.

The tray led her down a corridor. It stopped in front of the third door in the hallway. There was a small click as the door unlocked and opened for her. The tray settled beside the door and she walked into the room. There was a large bed in the center of the room that looked so much more comfortable than those shitty little mats he used to keep around. She was really tired from using her abilities so much tonight, so she threw herself on the bed and just sort of passed out.
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