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Destiny in creation...

Character Creation

3/8/10 02:11 am - claytonzjones - Character Creation

Considering the information you learned in the introductory post at claytonzjones answer these questions about the character you'd like to play. Keep in mind that any information on their past can and probably will be used in the stories and that it could go in a direction you may not have originally intended. Here are the most basic questions to consider when crafting a character for this interactive story.

Name (Before event /After event): /

Approximate Age:

Physical Appearance:

Power Type (Keep it balanced, I'll let you know if I think it could be altered in favor of this):

The extended questions to think about are more along the lines of who your character is. This will be information on their outlook, history, and present situation. Questions that have a * do not need to be answered in your post, but should at least be thought about.

What does your character do now? (Think midieval jobs: tailor, blacksmith, guard, artist, architect, chef, wench, barkeep, etc.)

What did they do before the event?

What do they think of The Council?

*How did the event affect them, their family, their friends?

*What were the first experiences of using their powers like?

*Did any surviving friends and family develop powers? How did they cope with their powers? How did they cope with a lack of powers?

Some things I would like you to keep in mind for when you post. Posts from you character should only affect YOUR character. AKA no typing that someone else takes an action or says something. Also this story could go in a lot of directions don't assume that you know exactly what is going on.

With all that in consideration I'd like to welcome you to Mynothe and I hope that you enjoy your stay.
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