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Destiny in creation...

Another story begins.

4/5/10 10:18 pm - claytonzjones - Another story begins.

Nott sat on the bench outside the small café. He sipped an espresso and watched people wander through town. A man passed by pushing a cart full of burlap sacks. Nott watched the man wheel around the corner to the back of the small café. Another coffee delivery perhaps. Nott set the tiny stone cup on its saucer and leaned back against the wall of the building. He needed to visit his father again, leave a message in the man’s hands. One of the Underguard would be coming through the Temple and they needed to know that one of their key hideouts was, should we say, compromised.
For now though, Nott had a meeting. Claire had said the Council was going to see him here. Claire Voyaunt, what a ridiculous name. The girl was honest at least, and I suppose when you can see your enemy coming from a week away you don’t particularly need to hide what you can do. None the less, the Council would send a lackey here and Claire said Nott should listen to this agent and at least consider his offer.
Nott downed the last of his espresso being careful not to drink the bit of grounds in the bottom of cup. He stood, stretched, and brought his finished cup into the café and left it on the counter. A small envelope sat at the edge of the counter next to where he’d placed his cup Since his name was written across it he slipped the envelope into the pocket of his coat. It was time to meet the Council agent at the smithy. Nott slipped his large messenger bag over his shoulder and went on his way.
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